Shanzai version of the iPad: The next Gen android tablet on its way!

Posted by admin at 9 March 2014

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shanzhai 10 inch ipad tablet clone 3 

			Shanzai version of the iPad: The next Gen android tablet on its way!

The entire tech world is keenly looking for iPad 3. The 2012 version of the Apple s flagship tablet is rumored to come up in March. Folks at the Chinese gadget mockup maker Shanzai have taken advantage of the time to release their iPad-clone with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of Google s mobile firmware. The Shanzai iPad imitation is up with modest specs and is, of course, a smart tablet on Ice Cream Sandwich.

Shanzai used to manufacture low-quality knockoffs of major branded tech products in the world. The firm has a tradition of duplicating several Apple products and others. The new iPad mockup has been surfaced in a time the tech world is in eager anticipation for what should be the best iPad upgrade ever. Of course, the Chinese firm aims to make money out of people s enthusiasm over iPad 3.

The Shanzai iPad tablet comes up with some attractive specs and features. Certainly, the device will perform excellently well on the ICS. Under the cover, the Shanzai features a 1GHz A9 Cortex processor, 1GB of DDR RAM and a Mali-440 graphic processor. The device mounts a 9.7-inch IPS display with an iPad-esque 1024×768 resolution and design.

Some analyst has called the new Shanzai tablet as a device that mixes up the specs and features of both original iPad and iPad 2. The device sports a 2-megapixel rear camera and it features rounder edges with a density of 9.8mm. By design wise, the Shanzai tablet almost resembles iPad 2. But, the iPad mockup doesn t have any rumored features of the upcoming iPad 3.

With Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the Shanzai is a respectful tablet. But, putting alongside an iPad, the Chinese replica is quite a delicate gadget. Nevertheless, the Chinese imitator can accumulate some bucks from customers, who won t afford an iPad of any generation. It will also be helpful for customers, who just want to know what a tablet is with a small price.

The new generation iPad is expected to come with several drastic modifications from its predecessor. If the grapevine can be trusted in, the iPad 3 will mount a high power quad core processor, thin and slimmer body. Apple should redesign its iPad 3 with a new look and feel to attract customers over a set of powerful Android tablets like Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime, Samsung Galaxy S II and others.

The iPad 3 is whispered to get a new version of iOS 5, possibly an iOS 5.1, which will likely bring Siri and other advanced features to the iPad. Anyway, iPad knockoffs like the Shanzai tablet simply expose out the kind of domination and impact the iPad has made over the tech world. Remember, iPad is still the most sought-after tablet out in global tablet market.

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